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Same day Zirconia crowns are crowns (Full Coverage and Partial coverage of a tooth to prevent cracking, breaking, fracturing any part of the tooth including the roots). Patients often refer to them as caps because of the fact they are placed over the top of the natural tooth. Crowns are done with or without symptoms of pain. As with any disease or breakdown process “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, Crowns are done to prevent catastrophic breaking of a tooth that can result in tooth loss. A Zirconia crown is non metallic restoration that is very strong like metallic restorations. Cerec (a German company that designed a machine that can mill crowns from materials like zirconia , emax, and other materials) milling unit makes crowns in day.

In the past crowns were made by sending them to a lab and returned weeks or days later. However, with this technology they can be deliver the same day in the matter of hours. In the case of the material emax, you also have control of the translucency of the material which can allow for a chameleon effect to allow the tooth to blend in with the teeth it is around. The manufacturer Cerec shows Zirconia crowns being hit with a hammer and the crown does not break but it breaks what it is being hit into. A conventional Procelain Fused to Metal (PFM) will break and other materials. However, there is a special sintering oven that takes time to harden the material and also the restoration requires time to mill.

However, for patients that don’t mind waiting the product is very good.

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